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Why WordPress is Perfect for Small Business

Why WordPress is Perfect for Small Business

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Today more than ever the small business owner is looking for every way to save money. Every dollar counts. I often see business owners swayed into “easy to use” and “affordable” website building options for the small or home business owner.

Later to find that that low price point looking like a dot in the rear view. Often to reach the capabilities you need to successfully generate, convert, and reconvert leads are lacking at that advertised rate.

Now before I chisel away at platforms like Wix™ and Shopify™, let me start by saying that platforms such as these are great to an extent.

If you’re trying to create a customer experience and interface that sets you apart from the others, provides highly customizable business and customer management and control and, have a high converting and lead generating platform that is fully customizable to your line of business, at the most affordable price, then those platforms will leave you feeling a bit empty at the end of the day.

WordPress is free and open sourced. Those two points alone should be large dollar signs to any small business owner. 

These quick and easy “cookie cutter” options offer a quick and easily manageable option to quickly get your products and services customer facing.


It pretty much ends there though. For example, if you wanted to control the user experience and interface of your customers, or maybe you run a multi-vendor marketplace, a basketball league or team, a doctor, or lawyers office, etc…

When it comes to providing specialized services, you’ll find yourself seek more and more 3rd party solutions that charge yet another fee to provide a service that you could provide for yourself. Often for free or little one-time cost.

For me, it comes down to what you’re willing to invest in your own success. Time, money, or both. Either way, planning and phasing out your business web development is crucial.

WordPRess Web Design

To begin, WordPress is free and open sourced. Those two alone should be large dollar signs to any small business owner. If you already have a place to host your website, great. Otherwise, a hosting is a cost you’re not going to be able to avoid.

Initially released in 2003, WordPress is a staple in the Web Design community. Being open source means most of the development for whatever customized solution you need has been done already. All you must do is find it and implement it.

In fact, you don’t even have to do it yourself. There are a lot of other small business that provide the exact service you’re looking for when it comes to customized WordPress design for business. A one-time initial investment in your WordPress design will turn into a huge payout moving your business forward. 

If you can’t invest the money, then you need to invest the time. Thanks to power tools like Elementor, small business owners can take control of their own WordPress design in a fraction of the time. Elementor allows anyone with no coding abilities to quickly build out the framework necessary to get your business website development up and running.

You will more than likely need to bring in a freelancer for some custom coding to get you fully running. This is the point when you invest your time. With Elementor you will find yourself calling your freelancer less to almost never. The number of tutorials available is vast and their support is outstanding.

If you want to learn more about how you can get your lead generating, highly responsive business website up and running by using Elementor and a few key tools, subscribe to the blog, and visit our Elementor Tutorials section.

Stay tuned to our next edition in Website Design, Getting ready for your site build with Elementor Pro. In this article I’ll discuss the minimum tools necessary to get your business site up and running in less than a week for under $300.

Also, don’t forget to checkout our design portfolio. We welcome your comments and reviews.

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